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The company, initially operating as PolTelcom, was founded in 2001. In 2002, the company started the process of own brands creation by launching its first products on the Polish market, which included electronic components and GSM batteries. In the following year, the company expanded its distribution to foreign markets. In the subsequent years, the company had dynamically enlarged its products’ portfolio, mainly by launching further brands, but also by the development of Teletorium retail network. Creation of Distribution and Logistics Centre in 2007 is another significant event in that period of time.

In 2006, the company started operating as TelForceOne. Initial public offering conducted in 2007 allowed to raise capital in the amount of 62.5 m PLN. In March 2007, TelForceOne made a debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 2007 is the year of extension of the capital group with 6 new companies.

MyPhone, a company manufacturing mobile phones, was created in 2008. Today, myPhone, together with its parent company, and Teletorium retail network, is the core of operation of Capital Group. Initially myPhone distributed simple phones, becoming a leader on the Polish market. In the 3rd quarter of 2013 myPhone started to offer smartphones with the Android operating systems and tablets. In last years, the Group has also introduced new product categories into its portfolio: supplies to printing devices, e-cigarettes, and LED lighting.