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TelForceOne Group is a manufacturer and distributor of myPhone mobile phones, it is also the largest distributor of mobile accessories and consumer electronic in Poland. Based on the Android system smartphones, and simple phones myPhone are the most prominent brand of such devices, owned by a Polish company. The portfolio of TelForceOne Group also consists of e-cigarettes, consumer and professional led lighting sources, and supplies to printing devices, all of which are manufactured and sold under its own brands. TelForceOne Capital Group is also the owner of Teletorium franchised retail network with nearly 200 stalls in Poland. At the moment, TelForceOne Capital Group offers nearly 1000 products throughout the country, and abroad.

The conceptions of product lines and major products are designed by professional engineers in Poland. About 90% of all products are; however, manufactured in Far East, where every stage in the production cycle is under the strict supervision of polish professionals and independent providers of certification services TÜV Rheinland and Dekra.

The main distribution channels used by Group are large retail stores. TelForceOne is currently cooperating with over 300 partners, in which there are the biggest chain of retail markets in Poland such as: Auchan, Tesco, Real, Lidl, Kaufland, Komputronic, Saturn, Empik, and Media Markt. The number of wholesale dealers is significantly diversified in order to eliminate the risk of dependency on any of them. Special business relationship exists between TelForceOne Capital Group and Biedronka chain of supermarkets. On the basis of this relation the subsidiary, myPhone, is holding the post of Biedronka’s technical partner, and myPhone products are taking part in each promotional campaign.

The major aims of TelForceOne Capital Group for the upcoming quarters is to sustain steady and stable growth and to strengthen the position on the mobile devices market.